NACS DC Charging cable

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NACS DC Charging cable

Along with the increasing awareness of the environmental protection, more and more people are eager to use green energy to protect and improve the surrounding environment.

Meanwhile, the government also encourages and advocates green travel, using the green energy vehicles, to achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction target. Europe will be the second largest electric vehicle market in the world after China. In 2018, the sales volume of electric vehicles in Europe was about 430,000, increased 41% year on year; in 2017 the sales volume was 307,000, increase 39% compared to 2016.

At the same time, with the improvement of charging facilities and the large-scale use of electric vehicles in various car rental markets, electric vehicles will gradually become more popular. As one of the standard-settler for conductive charging connection devices of electric vehicles, MIDA’s product design concept and quality take a leading position in the industry.

NACS DC Charging cable Technical data

Conductive charging of Electric Vehicles
Durability: ≥ 100 00mating cycles
Connection: Crimped connections
Mating Force: ≤90N
Rated Voltage: 500V DC/1000V DC
Rated Current : 200A/250A/350A
Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ
Withstand voltage: 2000V ac
Protection agade: IP67
Operating temperature: -40ºC to 50ºC(-40ºF to 122ºF)
Storage temperature: -40ºC to 105ºC(-40ºF to 221ºF)

The North American 200A/250A/350A DC charging connector provides a level 2 charging solution for North American vehicles. The connector is available in 3 lengths and can be mechanically fitted to a level 2 charging system using standard mounting hadware. The connector is manufacturered with a built-in temperature sensor for overtemperature protection and a UHF transmitter to remotely open charging port doors. The transmitter is available in two requencies for regional compliance.

NACS DC Charging cable

Cables Specification

Level 1:  200A, 4*3AWG+1*12AWG+1*18AWG(S)+5*18AWG, Φ28.2±1.0mm
Level 2:  250A, 4*2AWG+1*12AWG+2*18AWG(S)+4*18AWG, Φ30.5±1.0mm
Level 3:  350A, 4*1/0AWG+1*12AWG+1*18AWG(S)+5*18AWG, Φ36.5±1.0mm

Wire core color:

DC+---Red; DC----Black; PE---Green; CP---Yellow; T1+---Black; T1----White; T2+---Red; T2----Brown;

Clamshell Color No. 446C Black

Soft cover Color No. 877C Silver

NACS DC Charging cable-1
NACS DC Charging cable-2
NACS DC Charging cable-3

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