GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable

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Item Name CHINAEVSE™️GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable
Standard GB/T20234-2015
Rated voltage 750/1000VDC
Rated Current 80/125/150/200A
Certificate TUV, CB, CE, UKCA
Warranty 5 Years

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GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable Application

This is a GB/T DC charging plug for charging of Chinese electric cars. It is also called guobiao DC EV charging plug. It can charge an electric car up to optional max. 250 ampère. The connector also includes communication pins.

Different from Type 1, Type 2, CCS 1 or CCS 2 charging plugs, the GB/T plugs are male on the EVSE and female on the EV. Unlike CCS 1 or CCS 2 EV sockets, two separate AC and DC inlets are required in the vehicle because AC and DC charging connectors have different mating faces.

The GB/T 20234 charging standard is mainly used in China. But nowadays, more and more Chinese electric cars are exported, GB/T charging cables and GB/T EVSEs are used outside of China. Therefore, there is an increasing demand of this plug in Southeast Asia and East Europe as well as middle East.

GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable-1
GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable-3

GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable Features

Temperature Monitoring
TPU quality Cable
Waterproof Protection IP65
Better Conductivity
Ergonomic Design
Insert it easily fixed
Quality & certificated
Mechanical life > 10000 times
OEM available
5 Years warranty time

GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable Product Specification

GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable-2
GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable

GBT DC Fast EV Charging Cable Product Specification

Technical Data

EV connector




Rated current


Rated voltage


Insulation resistance


Contact impedance

0.5 mΩ Max

Withstand voltage


Fireproof grade of rubber shell


Mechanical life

>10000 unloaded plugged

Plastic shell

thermoplastic plastic

Casing Protection Rating


Protection degree


Relative humidity

0-95% non-condensing

Maximum altitude


Working environment temperature

﹣30℃- +50℃

Terminal temperature rise


Insertion and Extraction Force


Cable Specification(80A)


Cable Specification(125A)


Cable Specification(150A)

2X70mm²+1X25mm²+2X4mm²+2P(4X 0.75mm²)+2P(2X0.75mm²)

Cable Specification(200A)



5 years



Why choose CHINAEVSE?

Conform to the provisions and requirements of GB/T20234.2-2015
Have one or two PTC ( PT1000 ) thermistor ( can match with NTC or Temperature control switch )
The head of pins using safety insulation design to prevent direct contact with the hand
Excellent protection performance, protection grade achieved IP65 ( working condition )
Adopted double color coating technology, personalized custom a variety of colors ( Orange, blue, green,grey )
Reliable material,flame-etardant, pressure proof .wear-resisting,impact resistance ,high oil proof

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