Four Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger

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Item Name CHINAEVSE™️Four Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger
Output Type CCS 1,CCS 2,CHAdeMO,Type 1,Type2,GB/T (optional)
Input voltage 3Ø, 304-485VAC
Connector maximum output current 150A,120A,32A
OCPP OCPP 1.6 (optional)
Certificate CE, TUV, UL
Warranty 5 Years

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Four Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger Application

CHINAEVSE™️Four Guns DC charger can meets many requirements of connectors, such as CCS combo 2, chademo, CCS combo 1, and IEC62196 type 2. It can also charge 4 cars simultaneously, and also have the load balancing function that can distribute the power evenly to the guns. For example, take 120kw dc charger for an example, if you use 4 guns, then each output power is 30kw, if 2 guns, then each output power is 60kw, it also impacted by batteries demand of car. If batteries' voltage can not reach up to the 60kw's voltage, then dc charger's connector can not be 60kw output.This dc charger is configured with 4*20kw dc guns, 80kw in total. AC gun and DC gun can also be integrated together. which generally installed on the highway next to the charging station, bus station, large parking lot.

Three Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger-3
180kw Double Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger-3

Four Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger Features

Over Voltage protection
Under Voltage protection
Over Current protection
Residual Current protection
Surge protection
Short Circuit protection
Earth fault at input and output
Input phase reversal
Emergency shut-down with alarm
Over Temperature protection
5 Years warranty time
OCPP 1.6 support

Four Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger Product Specification

Three Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger-1
Three Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger-4

Four Charging Guns DC Fast EV Charger Product Specification

Outlet Specifications

Connection standard

CCS Combo2 (IEC 61851-23)

CHAdeMO 1.2

IEC 61851-1

Connector/socket type

IEC62196-3 CCS Combo2 Mode 4

CHAdeMO Mode 4

IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Mode 3

Vehicle Safety Communication

CCS Combo2 – IEC 61851-23 over PLC

CHAdeMO – JEVS G105 over CAN

IEC 61851-1 PWM (AC Type 2)

System output voltage range



Number of output interface configuration modules




Connector maximum output current




Communication interface




Cable length




Dimensions (D x W x H)

600×690×1500 mm

Input Specifications

AC Supply System

Three-Phase, 5 Wire AC system (3Ph.+N+PE)

Input Voltage (AC)

3Ø, 260~530VAC

Input Frequency


Input Supply Failure backup Battery backup for minimum 1 hour for the control system and billing unit. Data logs should be synchronized with CMS
during back up time, in case battery drains out

Environment Parameter

Applicable Scene


Operating temperature

﹣20°C to 50°C(de-rating characteristic applies)Option:﹣20°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature

﹣40°C to 70°C

Maximum altitude

Up to 2000m

Operating humidity

≤95% non-condensing

Acoustic noise


Maximum altitude

Up to 2000m

Cooling method

Air cooled

Protection level


Power Module

Max Output Power per Module


Max Output Current per Module


Output voltage range for each module


Converter Efficiency

Maximum efficiency >95%

Power facto

Rated output load PF ≥ 0.99

Voltage regulation accuracy


Current sharing accuracy


Steady flow accuracy


Feature Design

Interaction Display

Full-color (7 in 800x480 TFT ) LCD display for driver interaction


Smart Card, Server based Online Payments or equivalent

Network connection

GSM / CDMA / 3G modem, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet

Communication Protocol


Visual Indicators

Error indication, Presence of input supply indication, Charge process indication and other relevant information

Push Button

Mushroom type emergency stop switch (Red)

RFID system

ISO/IEC14443A/B, ISO/IEC15693, FeliCa™ 1, NFC reader mode, LEGIC Prime & Advant

Safe Protection

Protection Over current, under voltage, over voltage, Residual current, Surge protection, Short circuit, Earth fault at input and output, Input phase reversal, Emergency shut-down with alarm, Over temperature, Protection against electric shock

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