New CCS2 to GBT Adapter

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Item Name CHINAEVSE™️New CCS2 to GBT Adapter
Standard IEC62196-3 CCS Combo 2
Rated voltage 100V~1000VDC
Rated Current 200A DC
Certificate CE
Warranty 1 Years

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The device described in this manual may cause interference of wireless electromagnetic wave. If the correct use principle in this manual is not followed, it may cause interference to wireless TV and broadcasting.


The adapter complies with the European Electromagnetic Interference standard (LVD)2006/95/EC and (EMC)2004/108/EC The communication protocol is DIN 70121 / ISO 15118 and 2015 GB/T 27930.

Adapter vehicle side support brands


(This document contains important instructions and warnings that must be followed when use the adapter)


"Read this document before using the COMBO 2 Adapter . Failure to follow any of the instructions or warnings in this document can result in fire, electrical shock, serious injury or death."

The COMBO 2 Adapter is designed only for charging a GB/T vehicle (China charging standard car). Do not use it for any other purpose or with any other vehicle or object. The COMBO 2 Adapter is intended only for vehicles that do not require ventilation during charging.

Do not use the COMBO 2 Adapter if it is defective, appears cracked, frayed, broken or otherwise damaged, or fails to operate.

"Do not attempt to open, disassemble, repair, tamper with, or modify the COMBO 2 Adapter. The adapter is not user serviceable. Contact the reseller for any repairs."

Do not disconnect the COMBO 2 Adapter while charging the vehicle.

"Do not use the COMBO 2 Adapter when either you, the vehicle, the charging station,or the COMBO 2 Adapter is exposed to severe rain, snow, electrical storm or other inclement weather."

"When using or transporting the COMBO 2 Adapter, ha ndle with care and do not subject it to strong force or impact or pull, twist, tangle, drag or step on the COMBO 2 Adapter to protect from damage to it or any components."

Protect the COMBO 2 Adapter from moisture, water and foreign objects at all times. If any exist or appear to have damaged or corroded the COMBO 2 Adapter, do not use the COMBO 2 Adapter.

Do not touch the COMBO 2 Adapter's end terminals with sharp metallic objects, such as wire, tools or needles.

If rain falls during charging, do not allow rainwater to run along the length of cable and wet the COMBO 2 Adapter or the vehicle's charging port.

Do not damage the COMBO 2 Adapter with sharp objects

If the COMBO 2 charging station's charge cable is submerged in water or covered in snow, do not insert the COMBO 2 Adapter's plug. If, in this situation,the COMBO 2 Adapter's plug is already plugged in and needs to be unplugged,stop charging first,then unplug the COMBO 2 Adapter's plug.

Do not insert foreign objects into any part of the COMBO 2 Adapter.

Ensure that the COMBO 2 charging station's charge cable and the COMBO 2 Adapter do not obstruct pedestrians or other vehicles or objects.

Use of the COMBO 2 Adapter may affect or impair the operation of any medical or implantable electronic devices, such as an implantable cardiac pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. Check with the electronic device manufacturer concerning the effects that charging may have on such electronic device before using the COMBO 2 to GB/T Adapter

Do not use cleaning solvents to clean the COMBO 2 to GB/T Adapter.

If you have any questions or concerns about your COMBO 2 to GB/T Adapter, contact the local reseller.


How to use CCS2 to GBT adapters


Please pay attention to check whether there is any damage or incomplete structure before using the device

To open your DC charge port on your GB/T vehicle, Turn off dashboard and place on "P" gear.

Attach the adapter inlet to the end of the charging station's charge cable by lining up the COMBO 2 with the charge cable and pushing until it snaps into place (NOTE: The adapter has "keyed" slots that line up with corresponding tabs on the charge cable.

Plug the GB/T plug into your GB/T vehicle,and operate COMBO 2 charging station when indicate ' plug in ' , then plug in Combo 2 plug into COMBO 2 port .

Follow the instructions on the COMBO 2 charging station to start the charging session.


Steps 2 and 3 can not be done in reverse order

The operation of the COMBO 2 charging station will depend on different charging-station' s manufacturer. For details, refer to the COMBO 2 charging station's instructions


Power : rated for up to 200kW.

Rated Current : 200A DC

Shell Material : Polyoxymethylene (Insulator inflammability UL94 VO)

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C.

Storage Temperature : -30°C to 85°C

Rated Voltage: 100~1000V/DC..

Weight: 3kg

Plug lifespan: >10000 times

Certification: CE

Degree of protection: IP54

(Protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material. Complete protection from contact with enclosed equipment. Protection from water, up to water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction.)


The product is only applicable to the COMBO2 charger station for the GB/T Vehicle DC fast charging. Different brands of GB/T Vehicle has different DC charger port location .Please refer to the user manual of the specific GB/T vehicle brand, find the corresponding DC charge port and understand its charging process.

The charging time depends on the available voltage and current of the charging station.Affected by various factors,charging time may also be affected by the temperature of the vehicle battery: too high or too low temperature of the vehicle battery may limit the charging current, or even do not allow charging to start. The vehicle will heat or cool the power battery before it is allowed to charge. For detailed information on charging performance parameters, please refer to the official website of your purchased GB vehicle.

CCS2 to GBT Adapter Directions


Please make sure your power bank full with energy!

Open the micro USB port cable into the USB port on adapter

5V power bank cable plug in supply port, USB flash insert into USB data interface

After 30~60s, the indication lamp flashing 2~3 times, update successful. remove all the USB cable and supply.

Wait for about 1mins until the lamp flash2~3 times,firmware update successful. Remark:USB must be in FAT format capacity must less than 16G


Please make sure your power bank full with energy!

Plug GB/T connector into car charge port and COMBO 2 plug into adapter's COMBO 2 inlet

Do all step as "firmware update" waiting at least 60 seconds until the lamp flash 2~3 times.

Copy the output log from USB flash and send email to the reseller and waiting further feedback


It's not a toy, keep away from your children

Clean only with dry cloth

Avoid dismantling, dropping or heavy impact


This product includes 1 year warranty.

In case of misuse, mishandling, negligence, vehicle accidents or modifications, the warranty will be voided. Our warranty only covers manufacturing defects.

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