Main advantages of ChaoJi charging technology

Main advantages of ChaoJi charging technology

1. Solve existing problems. The ChaoJi charging system solves the inherent flaws in the existing 2015 version interface design, such as tolerance fit, IPXXB safety design, electronic lock reliability, and PE broken pin and human PE issues. Significant improvements have been made in mechanical safety, electrical safety, electric shock protection, fire protection and thermal safety design, improving charging safety and reliability.

2. Introduce new applications. The ChaoJi charging system has been the first to be applied in high-power charging. The maximum charging power can be increased to 900kW, which solves the long-standing problems of short cruising range and long charging time; at the same time, it provides a new solution for slow charging, accelerating the Development of low-power DC charging technology.

3. Adapt to future development. The ChaoJi charging system has also given full consideration to future technology upgrades, including ultra-high power adaptability, support for V2X, information encryption, security authentication and other new technology applications, and support for the future upgrade of the communication interface from CAN to Ethernet, providing Qianan with The above ultra-high-power charging leaves room for upgrades.

4. Good compatibility, no changes to existing vehicle pile products. The adapter method solves the problem of charging new cars to old piles, avoids the problem of transforming original equipment and industries, and can achieve smooth technology upgrades.

5. Integrate with international standards and lead development. During the research process of the ChaoJi charging system, in-depth cooperation was carried out with experts from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and other aspects on the charging connector interface, control guidance circuit, communication protocol, forward and backward compatibility solutions, and international standardization. Full discussion and information exchange laid the foundation for ChaoJi charging solution to become a widely accepted international standard.

Current actual vehicle test results show that the maximum charging current of ChaoJi charging technology can reach 360A; in the future, the charging power can be as high as 900kW, and it can travel 400km in just 5 minutes of charging. Charging electric vehicles will become more convenient and faster. At the same time, due to ChaoJi’s compact design and scalability, it can be used in small and medium-power application scenarios, covering the mainstream passenger car field, while also taking into account special requirements such as heavy-duty vehicles and light vehicles, greatly expanding its applications scope.

Post time: Nov-29-2023