How to save money on charging new energy vehicles?

With people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection and the vigorous development of my country’s new energy market, electric vehicles have gradually become the first choice for car purchases. Then, compared with fuel vehicles, what are the tips for saving money in the use of electric vehicles?

How to save money on charging new energy vehicles

1. Time-sharing charging, valley electricity discount

Different time-of-use pricing standards are adopted in various places to guide staggered peak use and optimize power load. The charging cost during off-peak hours is lower than that at other times, and charging is more cost-effective.

2. Scientific charging, regular maintenance

It is recommended to charge new energy vehicles when the power is lower than 30%. Slow charging should be done at least once a month. Keeping the power above 30% can protect the battery. Avoid overcharging and overdischarging, even if you don’t drive for a long time, you should charge and maintain it regularly.

3. Plan the route and plan the trip

Query the distribution of charging piles, plan charging routes, and master charging skills. Pay attention to APPs or small programs. Many operators will launch various preferential activities from time to time, which can effectively reduce the charging cost of new energy vehicles.

4. Household charging, help life

Use household charging piles, easy to charge, charge as you go, and enjoy low electricity prices. At the same time, using the slow charging method is beneficial to battery maintenance, effectively reducing charging costs, and meeting commuting needs.

CHINAEVSE Electric’s charging pile products are safe and stable, cost-effective, both beautiful and practical, and are good charging products for national standard new energy trams on the market!

1. CHINAEVSE charging pile has multiple rate adjustment strategies and flexible billing methods, and can set different electricity prices for peak and flat valleys for cost calculation.

2. All CHINAEVSE products support the functions of reserved piles and reserved charging. Car owners can remotely make reservations to lock idle charging piles in advance. At the same time, car owners can make reservations to start charging after inserting the gun.

3. The CHINAEVSE charging pile operation platform can set up a variety of promotional activities. Operators can set charging promotional activities through the background to meet the needs of different user groups for charging habits and promotional activities.

4. The user charging client can realize the online query, navigation, reservation, payment, charging monitoring and other functions of charging piles, and provide convenient online real-time services for new energy car owners.

Post time: Aug-28-2023