ChaoJi charging national standard approved and released

On September 7, 2023, the State Administration for Market Regulation (National Standardization Administration Committee) issued National Standard Announcement No. 9 of 2023, approving the release of the next-generation conductive charging national standard GB/T 18487.1-2023 “Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System No. Part 1: General requirements”, GB/T 27930-2023 “Digital communication protocol between off-board conductive chargers and electric vehicles”, GB/T 20234.4-2023 “Connecting devices for conductive charging of electric vehicles Part 4: Large Power DC charging interface》. The release of this set of standards marks that the ChaoJi charging technology route has been approved by the state. It also marks that after nearly 8 years of practice, ChaoJi charging technology has completed experimental verification from conception, and completed standard formulation from engineering pilots, laying a solid foundation for the industrialization of ChaoJi charging technology. Base.

ChaoJi charging national standard approved and released

Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Further Building a High-Quality Charging Infrastructure System”, proposing to build a high-quality charging infrastructure system with wide coverage, moderate scale, reasonable structure, and complete functions, vigorously develop high-power charging, and further optimize structure to meet the development needs of the large-scale electric vehicle industry.

ChaoJi is a complete conductive charging system solution including charging connection components, control and guidance circuits, communication protocols, charging system safety, thermal management, etc., which meets the requirements of fast, safe and compatible charging of electric vehicles. ChaoJi absorbs the advantages of the current four major international DC charging interface systems, improves the insurmountable shortcomings of the original system, adapts to large, medium and small power charging, and meets household and various public charging scenarios; the interface structure is small and lightweight, and is safe in machinery , electrical safety, electric shock protection, fire protection and thermal safety design are fully optimized; it is compatible with the four existing international DC charging systems, and fully considers the needs of future industrial development, allowing for smooth upgrades. Compared with existing interface systems, ChaoJi charging system has outstanding advantages in forward and backward compatibility, enhanced charging safety, improved charging power, improved user experience and international recognition.

March 2016

Under the guidance of the National Energy Administration, the Energy Industry Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities Standardization Technical Committee held the first high-power charging technology seminar in Shenzhen, launching research work on my country’s next-generation DC charging technology route.

May 2017

A pre-research working group on high-power charging technology and standards for electric vehicles has been established.

Year 2018

A new connector scheme was determined.

January 2019

The first high-power charging demonstration station was built and actual vehicle testing was carried out.

July 2019

The next-generation conductive DC charging technology route is named ChaoJi (the full spelling of “super” in Chinese means more complete functionality, stronger safety, wider compatibility, and higher international recognition).

October 2019

A summary meeting of pre-research work on high-power charging technology and standards for electric vehicles was held.

June 2020

China and Japan jointly released a new generation of ChaoJi charging technology white paper.

December 2021

The state approved the establishment of the ChaoJi standard plan. After more than a year, after extensive discussions and soliciting opinions from the industry, the standard was successfully compiled and passed expert review, and received state approval. ChaoJi charging technology has received widespread international attention. Under the cooperation framework of the Sino-German Electric Vehicle Standard Working Group mechanism and the China-CHAdeMO Agreement, China, Germany, and China have conducted extensive exchanges to jointly promote the internationalization of ChaoJi standards.


The ChaoJi standard has been fully adopted in the relevant standard proposals of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

In the next step, the Energy Industry Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities Standardization Technical Committee will give full play to the role of the Electric Transportation and Energy Storage Branch of the China Electricity Council to build a ChaoJi technology industrialization cooperation platform to promote electric vehicles, battery companies, charging facility companies, power grid companies, and testing institutions Strengthen cooperation to promote the high-quality development of my country’s electric vehicle charging facilities industry.

Post time: Sep-13-2023